Ventura Sale Group

Ventura Sale Group offers companies help with both staffing and recruitment to secure the supply of skills in the long term.

If you as a customer choose to get help with staffing, we carry out the entire recruitment process, from requirements profile to employment. The person is employed by us who take the employer's responsibility and you hire the skills.

Staffing needs
Do you already know that your staffing needs are long-term and are you looking for help with recruitment? Our knowledgeable recruitment consultants guide you through the entire recruitment process.
We ensure that you get the right person in the right place and you can focus on your core business in the meantime. Regardless of whether it is staffing or recruitment, we always start a new process for each assignment and market each position in our unique network of candidates.

Recruitment and rental
of qualified personnel


We recruit qualified staff for your business

We rent out our own or recruited staff
Also outsourcing of your staff



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